2017 Bonfire Team

Commander in Chief
President – Margaret Brown

Event Committee
Chairman – William Cummings
Field Marshal – Charles Laver
Treasurer & Sponsorship – Nick Lloyd
Procession Captain – Carly Wackett
Road Closure Captain – Malcolm Rogers
Transport Captain – Pete Johnson
Policing & Security – Simon Richmond
Health & Safety – Steve Pepperell
Stage & Guy Maintenance – Barry Stableford & Reece Hook
Torch Captain – Martin Cross
Guy Design & Artwork – Frank Shepherd & Andrea Deans
Volunteers – Vanessa Pepperell
Planning Support – Melanie Lee & Donna Hook
Judging – Mandy Kincade

Media & Communications support
Press Captain – Caroline Burgess-Pike
Sue Paice
Andrea Deans
Laura Burton-Lawrence

Social Committee
Social Captain – Carly Wackett
Mandy Kincade
Jeni Fox
Martin Cross
Stuart Parrish
Linda Parrish
Michael Vickery

The Bishop of the Bonfire
Jamie Wheeler


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